IMG_7790Feb. 24at the DeerheadIMG_2233Dave Moons’ apartment central park west, Bob Dorough, Val Hawk at Moons apartment Soiree acrylic on canvas 28”x 36”IMG0001_2_3Eric Doneys’ studio water color paper these are the kind of things that came out from under Erics’ Piano while he played we were giant fans of John. Eric is gone but the idea is still here.He and Bobby Dorough IMG_1654put up with me working in their studios’ they had a lot of patience sometimes I brought 100 lbs of clay with me so here you go.When I was kid in my early 20’s we had a world class jazz club up the road from my hometown.I found if I went there i would only see the folks of intellect I admired otherwise it was a study of anthropology I had no interest in.I was born famous and not rich so I understand Johnnie.I went to the Deerhead Inn the oldest running jazz club in the world how’s that for Delaware Water gap.Turns out the same for the genius that played piano weekends for a buck a head John Coates support the DeerHead the people who continue run run this great art venue.IMG_8477He and a handful of cherished others I will call them mentors gave me the inspiration to do some good stuff sometimes at 3 in the morning when I would get home to work with clay far into the night heres’ one from that period when I had a gas kiln with studio stoneware 12” tall