IMG_7798Bangor Pa from whence I came gray slate quarry town a slate dump like a noir english filmIMG_2989Slate dumpIMG_7712 i like this guy and sometimes use linocuts it is german expressionism three of my grandparents spoke fluid german my parents were both in college at 16yrs old we had a vast library in our house in a village that only respected sports IMG_4812my childhood living room.oil on board 30”x30”...downstairs there was the family business a Funeral Parlor I have every reason to be a little twisted a photographic memory wasted with terrible stuff, my family used me like a mule DSCN2718same day with renown sax guy George Young compartmentalize isn’t a strong enough termDSCN2725_000I like the bright side IMG_7685Jersey Diner 4’x5’ acrylic ...and out it comes it’s red iron it is in everything it is neutralIMG_7684in group pics like this one Urbanists the last innocents’ 5’x6’ acrylic.and my Nana would say a fat lot of good it does me. I like dogs and kids and girls and vise versa the kid is Zach my nephews kid IMG_5054I borrowed him at Easter so i could look human he enjoys my walking sticks they are also very popular among the close friends that are lucky enough to have them given to them because I love them its like having a third leg.IMG_0229I am the only son in the third generation of a furniture and funeral business, a cradle to grave business,It’s an important detail in my history because I never stopped working on my art, when I couldn’t throw pots because of back injuries, I started to paint poorly but honestly without training in my own style I am not the best painter but i work hard and folks seem to know what i say visually and they like it or hate it either way a compliment.While in a plaster body cast for 4 months I used crayons nobody would bring me clay.IMG_1795This is the first piece in clay i did after being in a body cast from my nipples to my knees for 4 months, that’ll change the way you think.Before the cast I had a little herd of cattle and goats and sheep on my little farm pottery most of them having to be slaughtered, all identity being taken from me by a work accident at 24 don’t be sure you really know me I bite hard. Being a lousy student I never learned much 2d so at painting I am self taught. IMG_3384 oil25 x36” after Doney

DSCN5091cartoon R. Doney I was doing an actual commercial art show one of maybe 5 ever and Bob did this pic and said to me and my girl at the time she was beautiful and a star pupil of his he said you use a model for these pots he really had a spectacular sense of humor very gruffIMG_5231Photo Walter Wyckoff 1983 3 Generations of art ,a successful show featuring Peter Hayden siting Bob Doney my hair stylist, not actually he is my mentor and my dads buddy a great artist he could do anything we recently lost him great man great artist great father.His son Eric and I worked in the same direction for yrs he with music me visual he just died too extreme lossIMG_3003 acrylic 6’x6’ I call this peice trying to feel better about home [in the back is a slag heap of slate].I was really lucky in my childhood and was taken under the wing by accomplished artists and musicians.I am a hard guy but sometimes I weep because my friends are older and I’m losing them and I loved themIMG_3644me and my mom
Since I was sixteen I just stayed in my studio and created or went to galleries and museums to study that for me is like church,I had a ball when a kid but always ended up in my shop studied my masters whether they are yours or not. Seems most the folks I grew up with didn’t know what I was doing while they were playing, I was working, I was building a pottery studio in my Pop-Pops garage.Learned early that recognition or an audience didn’t get my life’s work done.
2005 Broome St. Gallery N.Y.C. juried at the New York Artists Equity.

1995 - The Stiener Gallery, Bal Harbor, FL
1994 - St. Peters Church, One man Show, NY
1987 -  Rhinebeck Juried Craft Show, NY
1987 - American Crafts National History Museum, NY
1987 - Annual Invitational Pottery Show and Sale, Green Meadow Waldorf School, Spring Valley, NY
1999-2001 -Martin on Pineapple Gallery, Sarasota, FL My studio in town was a store front and immediately was in the black go figure they liked my decorative thing,closed it after 911 had no idea it could have worked after that attack I’m a New York kinda guy and was shattered but the city is so strong the only people that can power thru that adversity.
Sarasota Fl  2000
Photo R.Thomas

1983 - Three Generations Show Middle Earth Pottery, PA
1981 - One Man Show Middle Earth Pottery, PA
1979 - The Potter at Waterloo Village, NJ
1977 - Dotout Museum, Delaware Water Gap, PA
1977 - Honor Show Rochester Institute of Technology,

My creative process expands over three decades with the initial medium in clay.  The influences in working with clay has given the paintings a unique prospective.


City Tempo, is a Martin Hough original, titled: "King Fisher XX.I have been at least infamous in several places
Sarasota Magazine