IMG_4125me,my pop pop,and my dad at the furniture store in Bangor Pa.after I just realized that I would leave there and produce art or die.I am still here but they are all gone IMG_5980Every once in a while one of these photo collages’ pop up don’t know why I just go with it.DSCN4104Good old Harold.I think his name was Michael Gross he was National Lampoon he made a front page that read if you don’t buy this, I’ll shoot this dog this is Harold he is not shot he is resting but it’s stuck in my head IMG_1805_24’x6’ acrylic Harold and Beatrice my dogs are in my dialog IMG0025_25’ sq. did this the day my Mom died Thats’ itIMG_3646IMG_6596at beach with Charlotte my MomDSCN3744Soiree’ at Dave Moons’ apt. Central Park West. acrylic 24”x30” the last of Auntie Mame.Now Moons gone.Im burying the people I love, as an old man it makes me want to weep for myself because the friends I have known very few are as rich as me.