IMG_7952 Bridges 4’x5’ acrylic on canvas I am a bridge and tunnels guy last time I did these was 25 yrs ago and they are back 4’x6’ acrylic this stuff just kinda rolls out of me and i can’t seem to get anybody to understand itIMG0016_2 and so are these are all bridges to NYC they are by far the best sculpture in townIMG_8451IMG_84542017 both acrylic on canvas6’x3’IMG_4894The last time I produced these things it was if they poured out of me i got interrupted with some work but now they are back and I need to do more as that is how I respond to my surroundings and here they come againIMG_48542014

IMG_5982they are acrylic on canvas



IMG_5733with veggies form my garden on clay bottle and plate of porcelain


IMG_8014Big ”60” 2016 acrylic on canvas 7’x5